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08/20/2017Pastor Carey de Jong "Live like a David"
Sunday Morning
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01/24/2016Pastor Darrell Hellquist (Message Not Available)
Sunday Morning
05/15/2016Pastor Carey de Jong 3 "Potential" Blockers
Sunday Morning
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06/19/2016Pastor Carey de Jong A Father's Love
Sunday Morning
"Being a father is a part of the family structure that God has put in place. It's a privilege and an honour to be a father. To be able to pour love and direction into young lives."
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04/23/2017Pastor Carey de Jong After the Cross
Sunday Morning
"For the disciples to have faith in the Resurrection was key - their own spiritual power depended upon that. Not only that but this was the basis of the message of the Gospel, the truth and the power of the Resurrection. If Jesus had remained dead, the message would be powerless - but He didn't, and He is alive and well!"
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06/12/2016Pastor Darrell Hellquist Breaking Horses
Sunday Morning
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