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03/12/2017Pastor Heather Wiebe Israel's Journey, Our Journey
Sunday Morning
"God has set us apart, consecrated us, appointed us to a ministry, knows our destiny, and has a call on our life." (Jeremiah 1:4&5)
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03/26/2017Pastor Darrell Hellquist Heavenly Attitudes!
Sunday Morning
The Kingdom of God, or the Kingdom of Heaven, is God's domain, His place of rule, and manifests its presence and rule within us. It cannot be seen, but the overflowing of its authority from within us can be observed, and becomes a sign to ourselves and to those around us. It has the power to change the atmosphere and to change our land.
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04/02/2017Pastor Al Robbins Logistics of the Blood
Sunday Morning
"The blood of Christ – something we celebrate each time we partake of Communion – is central to Christianity. Through His sacrifice upon the cross, our sins have been forgiven. He literally became sin for us, in order that we may receive God’s forgiveness. The covenant that He put into place through the voluntary shedding of His blood is still in effect today! The blood of Christ still has the power to remove sin and restore fellowship between man and God."
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04/09/2017Pastor Carey de Jong Passion Week: What Did Jesus Do?
Sunday Morning
The passion of Jesus Christ stands alone as the most important event creation has ever known. The Bible tells us that before the world began, God had planned that Jesus, crucified on the cross, would be the method and payment for our sin - the only payment that would do, to save us, to reconcile us to our amazing God.
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04/16/2017Pastor Darrell Hellquist Oh Yes He Did!
Sunday Morning
"What happened to these men, that they went from doubting, denying and even mocking, to becoming the men that they became? They witnessed the resurrected Jesus and that changed everything for them."
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04/23/2017Pastor Carey de Jong After the Cross
Sunday Morning
"For the disciples to have faith in the Resurrection was key - their own spiritual power depended upon that. Not only that but this was the basis of the message of the Gospel, the truth and the power of the Resurrection. If Jesus had remained dead, the message would be powerless - but He didn't, and He is alive and well!"
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