Wednesday, 30 September 2015
Called to Worship - Flagging
 Written by Janice Stefanovic

I am so blessed to have this wonderful life transforming ministry from the Lord.  When I received it from Him, I didn't expect it or know about it. I only knew that I loved our wonderful God and I loved to worship Him with complete abandon. 

When His Spirit poured upon me that night in August 1995, I was greatly excited, surprised and completely on fire for Him! We were in the midst of evangelistic and Holy Spirit teachings, and God was moving mightily. I had prayed that He would reveal Himself more and more. "I am your submitted obedient servant," I prayed. "Teach me, Lord. Show me what you desire for me for my life." 

It was during worship when we were singing, "I exalt Thee", I completely surrendered to Him and lifted my hands in worship. Suddenly my hands began to move in worship in a beautiful expressive pattern that interpreted the song. It was not my movement. It was His. I allowed the movement to continue, and when the song ended, I looked behind me to see if there was someone there moving my hands. Of course there wasn't. I was so in awe of this and excited, I made an appointment with the Pastor to talk with him, to make sure this was of God. I remember when I told him, he grinned and said "Yes, Janice, this is of God, don't you worry. It's called 'Teaching your hands to war!' God wants to teach you and show you great and marvelous things."

This was the beginning of a wonderful journey with the Lord. He taught me to spend time with Him with worship music playing.  I would dance unto Him in my room, and He would lovingly minister His love, peace, joy, comfort...anything that I needed, He would provide. I began to worship more expressively during church worship and soon began to go to the back of the church to move in praise and worship unto our God. Our wonderful church has encouraged us to be spirit-filled worshipers. We had dancing & flagging then, so I felt further led to seek more of what God had for me. There was conferences that I attended, and God taught me many things He wanted me to know. I was learning intimacy and closeness with Him that I could never have imagined. I was in total awe of Him, even more than before this happened. I bought a flag at a conference, and soon I was lifting it up as a standard to proclaim Him. I was stepping out but I did feel fear - what would others think? Soon, He delivered me from my fear of man. 

In this wonderful journey, others joined me and we supported each other. We taught, learned and united with others who were learning of worshiping our Great God in Spirit and in Truth. God has given me His purpose in this ministry: To focus totally on the Lord, together with the worship team, to usher in His Presence. Prepare ye the Way of the Lord. This is one of my mandates from the Lord. I feel so grateful to Him. It is an honor and privilege to visually interpret the worship songs of love to Him. He is the Lord of lords, the King of kings. I totally adore Him and desire to please Him with my life and earthly and spiritual desires as His vessel so that He can shape and mold into His destiny and the future He has for me.
We have recently purchased two new sets of angel wing flags. The beautiful gold set represents His glory, His Presence. Through them, we can call for His wonderful Presence to come in the way that He wills. When we praise Him, He inhabits the praises of His people -us- and the enemy must go. The Lord will fill our hearts and lives with Him. There are many songs we sing about His glory, and many ways He wants to reveal Himself to us.

The beautiful red flags speak of God's fire. He desires to cleanse us, to deliver us and to cast away undesirable elements we have in our lives.  I believe He is always moving, speaking and teaching us, especially when we submit ourselves to Him. When we worship Him many blessings happen to us that we may not be aware of. I find myself feeling His unconditional love for others, joyfulness to celebrate the life He has given us. He brings strength I didn't have before. He tears down strongholds I have had in my life - and He removes them and replaces them with Himself, His love, His joy, peace, goodness, kindness, freedom.

So when I lift a flag and dance abandoned unto Him, it was Him who has led me, taught me and shown me the Way. And, 'I exalt Thee'!! Thank you very much. May God bless all of you.



Posted on 09/30/2015 10:10 PM by KFGT
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