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10/15/2017Pastor Darrell Hellquist The Call, the Cost & the Reward
Sunday Morning
Download SM-2017-10-15.mp3
10/08/2017Pastor Darrell Hellquist The Thanksgiving Chair!
Sunday Morning
Thanksgiving Chair Video Link:
Download SM-2017-10-08.mp3
10/01/2017Pastor Carey de Jong God's 'A' Teams
Sunday Morning
Download SM-2017-10-01.mp3
09/24/2017Pastor Darrell Hellquist Fear, Fact & Faith!
Sunday Morning
Download SM-2017-09-24.mp3
09/17/2017Pastor Darrell Hellquist Trials, Tribulations & Faith
Sunday Morning
Download SM-2017-09-17.mp3
09/10/2017Pastor Carey de Jong Redigging the Wells of Living Water
Sunday Morning
Download SM-2017-09-10.mp3

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