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06/25/2017Pastor Darrell Hellquist We Stand on Guard for Thee!
Sunday Morning
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05/28/2017Pastor Carey de Jong Good Tree, Good Fruit
Sunday Morning
"The baptism of the Holy Spirit is not a tool at my disposal; it's the anointing of God so that I might be available and at His disposal."
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05/21/2017Pastor Darrell Hellquist Pentecost's Heritage; Fearless, Faith-Filled Prayer
Sunday Morning
"The prayer of faith requires us to continue praying until we have the assurance in our hearts that God has heard us and the answer is on its way. When we have full assurance that God has heard our prayers, we can walk in confidence in our confessions. Out of the abundance of our heart, our mouth speaks. Our confession must always be tied to the word."
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05/14/2017Pastor Carey de Jong To Pursue, or not to Pursue: That is the Question
Sunday Morning
"We don't have to pursue perfection, but we can do the best we know how to, and be ourselves, not keeping up with the next door neighbour - not being who the world says we have to be, but to depend upon God for our strength, security, and for who we are, and work to love our family unconditionally, as Christ love us."
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04/30/2017Pastor Darrell Hellquist Healing Worship for Hard Hearts
Sunday Morning
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04/23/2017Pastor Carey de Jong After the Cross
Sunday Morning
"For the disciples to have faith in the Resurrection was key - their own spiritual power depended upon that. Not only that but this was the basis of the message of the Gospel, the truth and the power of the Resurrection. If Jesus had remained dead, the message would be powerless - but He didn't, and He is alive and well!"
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